Really, the past ten days has been so hectic but a lot of progress has been made.

Chief of the progress made has been towards getting the organization which should be the platform for the project registered with the government. Usually, getting an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) registered in Nigeria really cost a lot say between 900 to 1000 US Dollars. Luckily, while i was sharing the content of the project with a friend in church who coincidentally is a lawyer that he offered to assist with the registration at a very affordable price; 400 US dollars.  Barrister Anorld Onyeka (which is his name) expressed his desire to be part of the success story and felt his gesture can indeed contribute to the project’s success.

I have equally been able to raise a Board of Trustees made up of young and amiable young persons currently doing well in their chosen careers. Prominent amongst them is a member of parliament, Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila, he is an astute politician although on the opposition  but he commands a huge presence on the floor of the lower legislative house. I also have Mrs. Ibironke Babalola who runs, Mrs. Kemi Okenyodo who currently runs the leading security and public safety NGO in the country (, Mr. Lanre-Leke, a lawyer with a leading ICT firm and Barrister Ime Asanga, a Commonwealth Professional Fellow. All of them have agreed to be a part of this worthy cause.

However, what impresses me most of all the progress in the last ten days has been the support i got for our proposed website ; . A friend who got interested in the project offered to pay for the website which will cost about 300 US dollars. So in all, i have got close to a thousand dollars worth of support in ten days.

I am currently trying to get members of my board to sign the papers for registration of the organization. Then after, i will be going on to raise funds to start-up the charity shop.