Who can help?

I am currently considering the following sets of people to help me get my plan to a possible realm of materialization:

  • Individuals who are working towards the same goal; synergy works better than individual effort
  • People who have the funds and are committed towards the same cause
  • Organizations who can make donations of what they do not need any longer; furniture, books, etc. towards the helping us achieve our goal
  • Volunteers who are willing to give their time and expertise.

How do we get them to help?

I and my team will recruit local volunteers and equally invite foreign volunteers who will help train local volunteers. We are in touch with some foreign volunteers who have promised to come over whenever we are ready.

We shall also write to organizations to donate items they no longer need to support our cause. We will also solicit the support of transport and airline companies to assist us in lifting donations from different part of the country to the location where the pilot of the project will be carried out.

Skills and resources we will count on


  • Public Relations skill
  • Accounting skill
  • Sorting and setting standards of donations
  • Media skill
  • Advocacy Skill
  • Research skill and;
  • Logistics skill


  • Stationeries
  • Personal Computers
  • Till
  • Furniture
  • Training Manuals
  • Internet facility and;
  • Printers

We are currently registering our organization in order to create a platform for the project. We are equally renting a shop and we will be putting together the facilities needed for the shop. We are equally having meetings with prospective partners and we are using the goodwill of our board to get these actions done.