My Trash

  • Printing papers (Every used printing papers are converted into recycled paper with the back sides used for printing )
  • Egg shells (egg shells are dried, grinded and added to poultry feeds to provide them with calcium)
  • Plastic drinking bottles (Used drinking bottles are washed and sterilized. They are later filled with drinking water and kept in the refrigerator for it to cool for drinking)
  • Noodles pack
  • Shredded candle remains
  • Onion skins
  • Food seasoning wraps
  • Used toothpicks
  • Used toilet papers/rolls
  • Cornflakes paper bags

My Excess

S/N Things I don’t Use Donation recipient
1 A stripped blue shirt Al Hassan Mohammed (my friend’s son)
2 A red Ralph Lauren shirt Salihu Abubakar (my neighbor)
3 A blue baggy jean Salihu Abubakar (my neighbor)
4 A T.M Lewin stripped shirt Salihu Abubakar (my neigbor)
5 Rage for change (an inspirational book for young people) Mikaila Salihu (A young intelligent boy in my street. I gave it to him to inspire him for change in the community)
6 A world Bank report on desert areas in Africa Abdulrasak Abdullahi (A state security official interested in geography and climate change)
7 End Poverty hand band Dorcas (My Girlfriend)
8 A Blue dotted tie Abdullahi Abubakar (My neighbor)


My Consumption

  • Money (day-to-day spending)
  • Food
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Sugar