How do you feel?

I feel inspired and motivated towards achieving change in my community

Do you have professional questions? What are they? Yes, how do I effectively fundraise for my projects given that I currently run a newly established organization?

What are your dreams?

My dream is to run a dependable youth organization which will serve as a model for other youth organizations within Nigeria and indeed Africa to follow. ? What are your challenges? My major challenge has been to get organizations within the country to support my projects. I have in the past being able to get support from individuals who give for the purpose of grace but I am yet to secure any support from organizations.

Why do you want to take part in the Warriors without Weapons 2011?

To take up a new challenge that opens an avenue for me to build my capacity and learn from the experience of other young persons who are doing tremendous work in their various communities around the world.

My action ? Have you ever done something which demonstrates that you are a “Warrior Without Weapons”? Tell us!

Oh yes! I recently spear-headed actions against an amendment of a section of our constitution which was proposed by some members of the parliament in my country. The section (section 65-1(a & b) as I perceived, was to reduce the number of young persons in the country who vied for seats at the nation’s parliament. I started a facebook campaign and mobilized as many young people as possible to kick against the move. I equally carried out some political lobbying at the parliament and the move for the amendment was reversed. What actually happened was that, a member of the parliament I had been close to and had been speaking to about the amendment was drafted into the final committee that will take a final look at the proposed amendments and made sure that the amendment of the particular amendment which I mentioned earlier did not see the light of day. Today, that amendment has been reversed. I had no influence in government, I am not related to any parliamentarian, I did not belong to any political party or in politics but I was able to influence the reversal of an amendment in our constitution, that’s what I call a warrior without weapon.

My commitment ? What are your plans? What do you want to do when you return from the program?

I am currently working on a project that is aimed at promoting youth-led job creation. This I hope will help to reduce the unemployment rate and job deficit in the country. Everything I will gain and learn at the programme will be channeled into making the project a huge success. We plan to train young persons within the ages of 18 and 30 years old and further equip them with loans without interest. As a leader, my capacity will determine how far I can effectively carry out the project. Therefore, this programme will be vital to my quest to deliver my best and lead my team effectively on the project.